Tuesday, April 17, 2012

I'm Grateful Today

We have to change the way that we look at our lives. We have gotten to the place where we expect things, rather create things. Life is what we make it, and if we are going to enjoy life, we need to appreciate the opportunity that we've been given to experience it. Life is full of lessons and pleasures, and taking advantage of the lessons will lead to pleasures.
Every day that we can get up, we need to say I want to thank you for the opportunity, for a much worse experience would be not getting up. Worse yet not waking up. Therefore the ability to experience another day, good or bad is a blessing. Everybody has something to be thankful for, and once you start finding and appreciating those things, you'll be a much happier person.
There are positive things in everyone's life, and it's necessary to build on those things. At least it makes more sense than building on negative things, A good practice is to take every negative event that occurs and acknowledge that it occurred, figure out the lesson it taught you, find a way to prevent from occurring again and move, especially since it's already over.
It is so easy to create a positive environment, and it should be one of the first things on your agenda everyday. Sunshine is a good start and it's loaded with vitamin D. Play enlightening music and don't forget daily prayers. Find positive thoughts to read that will help set the mood of the day. Take a short walk to get the creative juices flowing. Have a good healthful breakfast and please to remember to put a smile on your face. Greet everyone you meet, by name if possible, but be pleasant and watch the mood around you get better.
Compliment people in the office as you greet them,and try to set the tone for pleasantness in the office. Talk to people rather than at them and try to find ways to be helpful. Practice stress relief techniques. If possible temporarily remove yourself from stressful situations before you react. If it's not possible, take a few deep breaths and think before you speak.
Find as many good things as you can to focus on. It's really not hard to find good things if you look. You can even find some negative things and make positives out of them. Happiness is something that you definitely control, and it all starts with being grateful. The real key is changing how you react to things that you are not happy with.

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